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General Personal Insurance

Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of the most important kinds of insurance to have. Why? It protects your home from a number of unfortunate circumstances that could leave you and your family displaced, or without a suitable place to live. This could be caused by fire damage, a natural disaster, burglary, or vandalism.

Standard home insurance allows your home to be replaced if necessary, and it often also covers other structures on your property such as a garage or a tool shed. There is likely also an option to opt for additional home coverage in case there are additional costs associated with rebuilding. For example, if you end up needing a new foundation, new electrical wires, or any other service that wasn’t originally planned for, this additional coverage will insure that you don’t have to pay for it totally out of pocket.

With this kind of insurance, you have the option to choose a policy that covers temporary housing if you’re displaced from your home during repairs. This coverage provides money for temporary housing like a hotel, and sometimes even meals.

Your personal possessions are also protected under home insurance, and it helps to provide peace of mind for the repair or replacement of things like appliances, furniture, or clothing. Home insurance also covers the most valuable items in the home, such as jewelry, electronics, and more in case of a burglary.

Liability is another important aspect of home insurance, which covers another person’s personal property if it is damaged on your property. It also covers some medical bills for anyone injured on your property.

Auto/Motorcycle Insurance

If you or any number of individuals in your home has a vehicle, it’s necessary to have auto insurance. This insurance covers a lot — from bodily injury liability to property damage liability, uninsured motorist coverage, medical payments, comprehensive physical damage, collision coverage, and much more.

Bodily injury liability helps cover the costs associated with injuring, or even killing, someone while operating your vehicle. This covers the lawsuit charges and some medical bills of the other party. Property damage liability ensures that you’re protected if your car damages someone else’s property and covers legal defense in case of a lawsuit. Auto insurance will also help pay for your injuries if you’re hurt by an uninsured driver, and also for injuries sustained by another party when they’re hurt by you.

Let’s not forget your vehicle — auto insurance can help cover comprehensive damage to your vehicle as well.

Similar insurance is also available to those who own or drive a motorcycle. When you also have your motorcycle insured, you know you won’t have to pay out of pocket for injuries to another person, yourself, or your bike.

RV/Watercraft Insurance

Your RV and watercraft are responsible for some of the best times in your life. When one gets damaged or stolen, it can be devastating to your family — and, of course, to your bank account.

When you opt for insurance for your RV or watercraft (jet ski, boat, yacht, etc.), you can rest assured that your toys are protected in case of an accident.

If you’re looking for home or auto insurance for the things that mean most to you in life, Woods Insurance Service looks forward to hearing from you.

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