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Oil and Gas Insurance

Oil and Gas Insurance

At Woods Insurance Service, we understand the risks involved in working in the oil and gas industry. For the men and women on your team, there is a possibility for vehicle collisions, falls, and even ergonomic hazards. Not to mention machine hazards, falls, risks related to confined spaces, and explosions.

As a job that has to be done, there are risks at every step of the process — whether your company accomplishes drilling operations, manufactures products, or any number of other services. It’s important to protect your workers, as well as the long-term capability of your company. This starts with a solid insurance policy.

The oil and gas industry is ever-changing, evolving, and expanding, which is why we work hard to provide insurance to protect the workers that make a living in this physically demanding business. We’ve developed insurance packages that can help your oil and gas company protect your physical assets, your employees, and so much more. We’ll help you identify potential exposures and dangers to help ensure that your employees are always taken care of.

To learn more about the oil and gas insurance that we provide, please contact us today. We’re an independently owned agency based in .