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Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance

Woods Insurance Service is an independently owned insurance agency that can help you determine the right errors and omissions insurance policy for you.

Errors and omissions insurance is known as a kind of professional liability insurance. It is most often obtained by insurance brokers, investment advisors, insurance dealers, and others that are in the business of finance.

It’s important to understand that no matter how much a client understands the risk involved in an investment, there is still potential for them to sue — most likely when an investment doesn’t go the way they had planned. For that reason, errors and omissions insurance is extremely important.

Overall, E&O insurance protects professional finance companies against claims that clients make against them, whether it be for insufficient work, unexpected results, or careless actions. When you opt for an E&O insurance policy (depending on the exact policy and coverages), the cost of court and settlements will most likely be covered.

Woods Insurance Service is an independent insurance agency that understands the need for protection in the financial industry. We can help you find the right E&O policy for you and give you the peace of mind that you crave in your profession.

We’re located in , and would love to meet with you to determine the insurance policy that best fits your financial business.