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Aviation Insurance

from Woods Insurance Service

Aviation Insurance

As the owner of an aircraft, the leader of a flying club, or even just an aircraft renter, your insurance policy is extremely important.

Insurance will help to protect your business reputation, and it will also help to replenish damaged goods and cargo, along with protecting your crew and your passengers in case of an accident. Though accidents don’t happen every day, they do happen when you least expect it. That makes it extremely important to ensure that you have the right property insurance policy in place.

If you own an aircraft, you’ll need an owner’s policy that covers the craft, along with in-flight insurance that would cover any accident-related damage. It’s also necessary to purchase aircraft rental insurance if you rent planes often. This will protect you, the plane, and any beneficiaries in case of an accident.

Insurance will also cover any third parties affected by an accident. For example, if your plane goes down in a farmer’s field of his prized crop, your insurance should cover the cost of the damages.

At Woods Insurance Service, we know the importance of peace of mind as a pilot. When you’re flying, you don’t want to be concerned with what ifs — and we don’t either. We want you to enjoy the ride.

If you’re interested in aviation insurance, feel free to contact Woods Insurance Service, an independent insurance agency based in . If you’d like to chat about our policy options, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to talking to you and making every flight a good one.