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Personal Insurance


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Auto Insurance

Protect the investment that serves as your transportation. Both for your financial stability and State legal compliance. You need auto insurance to make sure that if you cause an accident, you can afford to pay for the damage and injuries you may have caused.

You may want to include physical damage to your auto insurance policy to ensure you can replace or repair your vehicle in the event it’s damaged. Although states don’t require this, the bank that loaned you the money to buy a new vehicle probably will. With a new car and a monthly payment, you won’t want to be out a vehicle when it’s already wrecked and still be responsible for making a payment on a vehicle that is totaled or sitting in a junk yard. Auto insurance is your safety net against such circumstances.


Home Insurance

We like to call it an “Asset Protection Policy”. It will give you peace of mind knowing that in the event of a covered loss, your damaged home will be rebuilt and your destroyed belongings will be replaced. Without homeowners insurance, you alone will be responsible for protecting your home, possessions and personal liability. For instance, if your home burns down due to a fire, you’ll need to rebuild your home and replace all your damaged possessions with only the funds you have or can obtain. Do you usually have $500,000 readily available in case something like this happens? This is where home insurance shows its value. 

Another reason to consider having home insurance, if someone is injured on your property, they may sue you for injuries and damages they sustain which could be more than $1,000,000. Without insurance, you may have to liquidate your assets and even lose a portion of your wages if you need to pay for a judgment.


Motorcycle Insurance

Having a motorcycle can be one of the most exhilarating things in life, but one of the questions we hear a lot is “Do I really need Motorcycle Insurance? “ Read these statistics and see why they are reason enough to see the importance of having motorcycle insurance.

The National Safety Council- They estimate a motorcycle accident that causes serious bodily injury happens every 14 seconds here in the United States. Another is according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau is that 20-25% of motorcycles that are stolen are never found.

 Renters Insurance:

Renters Insurance

You need renter’s insurance to cover you if any of your personal belongings such as furniture or electronics get damaged or destroyed. Renters insurance also covers you in the event that someone else is injured in your apartment or someone’s personal property is damaged and sues you. This type of personal insurance can be your solution when the unexpected happens in your apartment.

 Boats, Yachts, Motor Homes, RV's:

Boat and Motor Home Insurance

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Independant Insurance Agent Insurance Education & Research
CIC Better Business Bureau
Trusted Choice Association of Energy Service Companies

Our Companies

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